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Monday, May 6, 2013

Weight after pregnancy

 Gained 15 kilograms during my pregnancy Btaflta period, and thus skip the normal range for weight gain during pregnancy a few kilos.From the seventh month I became heavily weighted feel due to the increased weight that never got used, especially in the ninth month increased things difficult and I was waiting for the moment of birth impatient to feel comfortable and get rid of the weight gain that caused me a lot of problems and inconvenience.I never feel at ease in the last few days, it is true I was eager first to carry my baby in my arms, but this Shawki accompanied with a desire to get rid of these kilos, which became prevent me to identify my body that has long discriminate بالرشاقة.I was waiting anxiously also moments where I could return to exercise.I also wanted to go back to my nature so that it does not overcome that desire deadly eating foods have never loved Kalhloyat rich in fat, sugar and calories.Because I have never wake up at night before my pregnancy to eat sweets.
Facts in Weight After Pregnancy

Women do not regain the form of her body, which has enjoyed pre-pregnancy once you leave the hospital after birth. Changing the form of the body as a whole and needs to be years until it looks like what it was before pregnancy.
Abdominal after childbirth seems as if the mother is still pregnant. This is normal, as it remained the fetus in the womb for 9 months, and it needs some time to regain its natural form abdomen. Note that your body begins to work to reduce the size of the abdomen to regain pre-pregnancy shape, or at least what looks like him, but this process is slow. So that the hips that need to some time to Istaida the their natural size.
Needs of the uterus to a month to shrink and regains its normal size and many women lose about 4 to 10 kilos in the first few weeks as a result of the body get rid of fluids that Anhabst it during the months of pregnancy.
Immediately after childbirth women lose about 5 kilos at least include the weight of the child and the amino fluid and placenta.
The number of kilograms lose the mother after childbirth according to the weight gained during pregnancy and how to do sport during the following period and metabolism has, no body's ability to burn, and on whether or not to breastfeed her child.

Must restore the basic weight after childbirth through at least 6 months.